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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Dublin City Folk have in their ranks the top musicians in Ireland who play in Dublin and as such are perhaps the most well known wedding trad band in Dublin and in many parts of Ireland. Their 72 references to date are a testament to this and City Folk have the most number of references of any trad or folk or indeed any other band on weddings sites.  With super All Ireland Champion musicians such as Joey Doyle (flute whistle, and Tim Doyle, fiddle, uileann pipes, to name but two, and with great variety in their show for different styles of music, pop, rock and roll, as well!!) they are hard to beat.
The amount of variety in their performance is a tribute to band leader Clem Loscher who formed the band back in 2000 when a tour to Spain was organised. Some of the City Folk singers and musicians play or have played with the Dublin City Ramblers and with other celtic style trad bands such as Damian Dempsey and Mary Black. All of their musicians - (there are 28 of them in total to choose from) are All Ireland Champion musicians so musically they are hard to match although some trad bands haved attempted to copy their format - perhaps the highest complement that can be paid to any band. But no ballad or trad band can match the professionalism and variety performance of City Folk. With All Ireland Champion on flute, uileann pipes, fiddle, tin whistle,harp, box, accordian, banjo, mandolin, keyboards and organ it is no wonder that City Folk are regularly in demand for weddings and corporate functions.  ARTICLE PUBLISHED DISTRICT NEWS PUBLICATIONS OCTOBER 2010.
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