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Three Things to Tackle First on Your Wedding To-Do List

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Overwhelmed with the tasks needed to accomplish and to decide on for your wedding? Confused about where to begin? Then start with this checklist!

  • Venue

Where would your guests go after the ceremony? To the reception, of course, where you celebrate a new milestone in you and your partner's life. It is important that you secure your venue beforehand, even months before the wedding, so that you can be sure that you have a place that will become part of your wonderful memory. Take note that this should include making reservations for party hire in Perth by Swan Event Hire too.

Your choice of venue will depend on many factors, including your theme, your interests and the number of people attending. If your wedding is going to be in Australia, check out the indoor and outdoor wedding reception venues of Lauriston House in Sydney. They offer a long list of great services that will certainly give value for your money.

To help you narrow down your options further, you can contact Penguins Events or this event management company in Sydney - Catalyst Event Solutions who can also help plan social functions and formal events.

  • Food and Beverage

What good will a celebration be if there's nothing to eat and drink? Carefully choose what you'll be serving for the reception because the foods and beverages may also make or break the entire party. To avoid the hassle of cooking your own menu or having your family members cook for you, it would be wise to hire an experienced caterer and have the services of food servers. In this way, everyone can have a good time.

  • Entertainment

Another feature that can make your celebration more memorable is your choice of entertainment. Offering a variety of options can help you make sure that the guests, whatever their interests are, will not be bored in your party. You can have a DJ playing during the event. You may also consider hiring a wedding band that plays traditional Irish ballads and folk music. Furthermore, you can set up certain areas for photo booths, which can also provide great entertainment for the guests who want to have some souvenirs.

Once these things are settled, deciding on other things for the wedding can be a breeze.

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