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Make Your Costume Wedding Successful with These Tips

Bookmark and Share | October 29, 2014

Planning a wedding party can be a daunting task, and the same goes to planning one that’s costume-filled, even if formality and seriousness that go with weddings are put off. There are still many tasks you have to attend to, which can include coming up with a specific theme, finding the right supplies (superhero party decorations, vintage clothing, food), etc. However, it can be made easier by remembering the following tips.

Think of a costume wedding as a wonderful idea.

The idea of a costume wedding won’t work if both you and your partner (or even one of you) aren’t thrilled by it. You have to be the biggest supporters of this idea. Your excitement about the event will gradually pass on to your family, guests and everyone who’ll be there at your wedding.

Choose a flexible theme.

A theme that lets you and your guests have a wide array of options is a great choice.

One good option is a heroes-themed party, where all of you can dress up like your favourite superheroes or supervillains; well, there are many of these characters out there, so be prepared to be spoilt for choice.

Another option is “time travelling”. For example, you can dress up like the people living in the 19th century—there’s a lot of fashion choices during the period, so you can mix and match.

If you opt for the first suggestion, don’t forget to put up some superhero party decorations to make your party livelier.

Encourage multiple levels of participation.

Remember that, while some people will be very excited about the idea, others won’t. So, if you want everyone to jump on the bandwagon, you have to encourage the latter group to show willingness. You can help them out by suggesting costumes that would fit them best and suggesting where they can buy them cheap.

Be open to suggestions.

A costume party will make some of your guests not only excited about what they’ll wear but also worked up on what you’re going to don. You can expect many suggestions, so be open to them. After all, these won’t hurt you and might even help you create the most amazing costume. This is important since you and your partner will be the biggest stars of the event.

Compliment everyone who’ll participate in their outfits.

Many of your guests will surely come dressed up to celebrate this special event with you, so let them feel how their actions mean to you. For those who’ll choose not to dress up, don’t say anything about it; just express how happy you are to see them and thank them for attending.

With all these tips in mind, you can assure everybody of a wonderful and memorable wedding party. You can also contact us to know how we can make your event more fun through musical entertainment.