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Tips on organising a great event

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Organising an event can take a long time and there are lots of things to think about from where you want to host the event through to what you want to achieve, not to mention who you need to invite and what your budget is. You will need to think about what food you want to serve and how long you want the event to last, and why you are throwing an event will usually help you to work out what type of event you should be hosting.


For example, if you are on a limited budget and you want to treat your employees to a night out after winning a big contract, you can simply hire a folk music band to play while you all have a few drinks. However, if you have a more expendable budget, you can take your team of staff to the Etihad Stadium to host a corporate function. You can check out the Etihad Stadium seating plan by looking online and this will help you to work out who should sit where, as well as show you how many people you can invite.


The Venue


Deciding which venue you should hire is important when hosting any type of event and you will need to consider all of the following:


Ø  Your budget

Ø  How easy it is to get to/from

Ø  Parking facilities

Ø  Catering options

Ø  Nearby accommodation


If the people attending your event will be traveling from far away, then you might want to hire a venue that is located close to nearby hotels or bed and breakfasts. You will always need to think about where people can park, how you will cater the event and how readily accessible the venue is in terms of being located close to public transport routes.


If you decide to host a corporate function at the Etihad Stadium, then you will need to look at the Etihad stadium seating plan online in advance in order to work out where everyone will sit.


Hire a Band


If you want to do something more low key, then you can simply rent a smaller venue and hire a band to provide the entertainment. A folk band is always lots of fun and you can hire a band to play at your event to encourage everyone to interact with each other.


Here are some of the reasons why hiring a band is a great way to promote team building:


Ø  It encourages people to get up and dance

Ø  It gives everyone something to talk about

Ø  It is something for everyone to focus on

Ø  It provides some entertainment to create a relaxed atmosphere


Having a band playing at an event is a good way to ensure that there aren’t any awkward silences and can be a good way to get everyone to relax.


Whether you want to go all out and rent a large venue to host a huge function or you want to keep it simple and hire a band to play at a small event, there are lots of things to organise so make sure you plan well in advance.