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Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Memorable - For the Right Reasons!

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When it comes to events, corporate gatherings are often stigmatised as dreadful. The atmosphere is too formal, even boring sometimes. Conversations can easily run dry because attendees don't always know one another very well. And then there's the unimaginative catering and the usual conference halls. With that said, corporate events are often quickly forgotten.

When planning one, it's easy to identify what you want to achieve with your event and who your target audience are. But, how you exactly pull off an occasion that has enough 'wow' factor to make it stick to the memory bank? Well, here are some tips for that:

Pick an unusual venue

Forget about hotel ballrooms, restaurant and conference halls. Why not move your event to a circus tent or a river boat? Or, how about hosting it in a heritage property or a converted barn? A place like Art Decor Gallery is also a great venue option. Art galleries provide plenty of space for guests to wander, as well as plenty of interesting pieces for starting conversations. If your premises have a huge parking space or empty grounds, you can use marquee hire companies, such as, for organising an outdoor event and arrange for vehicles such as 24 seat triple hummer limos to transport your guests to the event in style You can also get a tent for rent (เต็นท์ให้เช่า) from If you want to go all out, however, or are trying to impress your guests, you can opt for a luxurious Banyan golf resort in Hua Hin. A good location needn't be expensive. The fact that you went the extra mile to ensure the enjoyment of your guests already makes a big difference.

Wow your guests with the food

Gone are the days when a full sit-down dinner is the norm at corporate parties. These days, it's all about buffets and food stations that allow guests to mix their own cocktail or assemble their own pie, pizza, etc. Party buffets are great because they keep people moving, and the food itself can be a source of entertainment. This is especially beneficial if your event is for networking or team building. Now, when planning what to include in your menu, make sure to find out about any special dietary requirement or food preferences so that all guests will be catered for. Your attendees will definitely appreciate the effort.

Plan some interactive entertainment

Rather than simply playing recorded music in the background, why not get musicians to perform live for your party. This will certainly bring life to your event and provide guests with a nice spectacle. Another way to add excitement is by putting on an audio-visual show with creative lighting and music. Comedians and impersonators are also a great way to get your message across without boring people out. You can even involve everyone in a couple of light-hearted party games that will break the ice and encourage your guests to smile and laugh. Don't forget to buy award ribbons from Australian Printed Ribbon as well as small but meaningful prizes to give to the winners.

Whatever you choose, there are specialist companies who can help you stage the perfect show. A few examples include:

Involve senior staff in creative ways

Do you or any of your staff members have a special talent, like playing the piano or dancing? Well, why not showcase it and give your guests something unexpected? When leaders step out of their traditional roles and do something surprising, the party is sure to come alive. Seeing that the event leaders themselves are having fun, guests will feel more apt to join in the gaiety. How about you? You might be the next Eric Clapton. To truly impress the guests, check out a range of electric guitars from Portmac, an online store. Pick a series that you know will boost your skills.

Make the giveaway a talking point

Ditch the usual key rings and bags with your logo on them. Just think about how many of those items they receive from all the corporate events they have attended. Be unique so that people will actually remember you and your event. Think of gifts that keep you at the top of clients' minds such as those offered at These are often things that are useful or that your target audience actually want to have. The important thing is they relate to theme of your event and your brand.

With these tips, your corporate event will be something people will look forward to attending every time. Needless to say, it'll be a smashing success!

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