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Make Your Wedding Reception One to Remember with Irish Music

Bookmark and Share | December 17, 2013

Theses days, more and more young couples are deciding to hire Irish folk musicians to play live music at their weddings. This is something that is enjoyed by people of all walks of life and age groups. To help promote events, most Irish folk groups erect high quality display stands outside of the venue in which they are playing. This gives the guests a full profile of the group as well as showing song titles and types of music that the group can play. Most good Irish folk bands can be hired for very reasonable prices by merely contacting them a few weeks in advance.

Birthday Parties

A birthday party is always a very special event and something that is eagerly anticipated by everyone that has been invited. To make a party really special, many people are now hiring live Irish folk bands to entertain the many happy revellers. To advertise their future shows, most folk bands set up a good display stand outside of the music hall. This can hold all of their future dates and venues for music lovers to make a note of. Many people merely jot down the dates and places of the future shows and just book the tickets at a later date.

Corporate Events

It is now very common to see Irish folk bands playing at corporate events in the city. Most bands play a blend of ballads and traditional folk that is particularly well suited to these types of low-key functions. In corporate function rooms, most promoters erect small display stands outside of the main function area. This helps to both lead the guests in, as well as showing a general profile of the group itself. There really is nothing quite as fun as having a fully complimented Irish folk band play at a corporate event.

Anniversary Parties

Everyone looks forward to a much anticipated anniversary party. It is a time when all of the family and friends of the family gather to pay their respects to the long married couple. In Ireland, many people hire a folk band to play at their functions, as their blend of Irish folk and ballads really seems to go well with the occasion. Many groups even position good quality exhibition display stands to grab the attention of their target audience show their song list and other details. If you want a particular song played, all you have to do is look at the displayed list and make your request. It is a very fast and easy way to pick the right songs for an anniversary party.

Hiring an Irish Folk Band

Hiring a traditional Irish folk band to play at a wedding or birthday party is now very easy, thanks to the high amount of skilful musicians now advertising their services in local business directories and online platforms. Most good bands will even have online booking systems that allow you to book a certain act for various different functions. You may for example like to have a band that is slightly more active for a wedding than for something a bit more low-key such as a corporate event. Whichever you choose, a live Irish folk band will always go down well with your party audience. The players are all very experienced and have lots of songs in their repertoires.