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Spice Up Any Event with These 5 Fun Entertainment Ideas

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Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event or a simple get-together with the family, a party is never complete without some form of amusement, like Parties in Packages party supplies online, which are a great choice for all events and parties. Entertainment is like a spice that gives flavour and character to an otherwise bland and unremarkable event. So, if you're organising a gathering soon, make it lively and memorable by incorporating one (or more) of these entertainment ideas:

A live band

This all-time favourite entertainment option never goes out of style. Whether you're celebrating a wedding or having a corporate event, a live band is the perfect way to set the mood for gaiety and socialisation. A live band makes a huge difference from simply putting on a recorded playlist. Now, of course, there are different bands for different occasions, i.e. folk music or ballads bands for romantic weddings or rock bands for less-formal events. Nevertheless, a group of talented artists creating wonderful music is a must-have for your soiree.

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Game shows

For an interactive and lively entertainment, nothing beats a game show. This entertainment option is best suited to parties where guests already know each other. You can simply use the mechanics of a favourite game show on television and put fun twists to make it relevant to your event. Game shows are great for team-building events and employee parties as they encourage participants to work together to win the big prize.

Modern magicians

Magicians are great to have for any event because they create a laid-back atmosphere, which helps to dissolve any awkward feelings or tension among guests. Although the word “magician” might make you think of traditional rabbit-in-the-hat tricks, there are actually modern magicians that use technology, such as iPads, to create magic shows. Aptly called iPad magicians, these people perform bespoke shows that will not fail to amaze and entertain your guests. It's something you should consider including in your corporate event entertainment planning as it can promote a brand in unique ways.

Food stations

Yes, you've read that one right. Food stations can be a nice way to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour. By setting up your own food and drinks bar, you allow guests to freely make their own dessert, sandwich or cocktail and talk with other guests at the same time. To make your food bar enticing, place fruits or beautiful floral arrangements by Magnolias Florist. While food stations are great for intimate gatherings, they can be tedious to prepare if you're feeding a huge crowd.

Photo booths

People love taking pictures, especially during parties. This is why photo booths are a popular choice for event planners. Not only do they allow guests to have their own personalised memorabilia from the party; they also allow everyone to let loose and have fun together. They are also a perfect opportunity for parents at kiddie parties to showcase their chidren's first birthday dresses from Zarianna, for brides to take pics of their memorable gowns or for groups of friends to show off their quirky party selves. Enjoy posing for the camera while celebrating your Cape Dara wedding at a Pattaya hotel.

Photo booths, especially from Silver Star Photobooth in Wollongong, often come with playful costumes and colourful props, so you can just imagine how much fun your guests are going to have with them. While these are fun for the attendants, you might also some pictures for the event. For instance, if you are about to get married, then have your pictures taken by Stephen Casey Photography. If, on the other hand, you would need photographs for your commercial or business editorial, then Gavin Jowitt would be a perfect choice. If it's a family gathering, the services of Archer Imagery, family photographer in Perth are worth it. Getting to provide advertising for the events might make it quite lively.

Now, a successful event isn't just about the entertainment but also the food and the entire setting. To help you pull off a meaningful and memorable gathering, browse the following sites for ideas and inspiration: