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5 Important Components of a Successful Destination Wedding

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Many couples today opt for destination weddings rather than just tying the knot in their locality because, aside from being in love with each other, they’re also enamoured by another place. If you’re amongst these couples and are planning to exchange your vows soon in a beautiful destination, remember that there are many things you shouldn’t forget to include in your check list to make the day successful.

Right Accommodation

This can make or break your trip. So, make sure to find the best place to stay in during your wedding by booking ahead of time. Choose among those that can provide you with the necessary services, amenities and facilities for your big day. If you love wine, you can book accommodation in Hunter Valley situated in an area conducive to romantic weekends.


Remember that a wedding dress can be large and have a lot of detail, making it difficult for you to pack for your flight. When doing so, fold it into a box and place tissue paper between its layers. When closing the box, make sure your dress’s bodice is facing upwards (the same goes for the groom’s suit). For the other components of your dress—jewellery, shoes, etc.—pack them in your carry-on luggage.


Nothing can bring more life and vibe to a wedding than entertainment. Magic, comedy, dance—there’s a wide array of options out there, but the best form to set the wedding mood is music. With that said, you can hire a wedding band, like us.

Honeymoon Attire

Since, most probably, you’ll be spending your honeymoon in your wedding destination, it’s also important to pack properly for such intimate trip and for the activities you’ve planned to do. Basic items you may want to bring are swim wear, shirts and shorts. However, these can change depending on the type of destination.

Other Essential Items

Before you head to the airport, make sure your carry-on luggage contains plane tickets, travel reservations, passports, special medications (if you have any), IDs, traveller’s cheques, money and, most importantly, your rings. Also don’t forget to bring wedding toiletries, hair accessories and make-up.

Other things you can just secure in your destination, but better to be had before leaving home, are sunscreen, sunglasses, insect spray, bandages, antihistamine and aloe.

With all these things taken care of (e.g. Hunter Valley accommodation, attire, entertainment, etc.), you can surely have a memorable wedding in a place that’s also special to you.

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